Commercial Office Chief Engineer
31 January 2023
  • HCMC
  • Closed
  • Commercial Office Property Manager
  • Minimum 8 years experience in Building Engineering.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in role of Chief Engineer of Grade A &/or B+ Retail /Office Properties in Vietnam
  • Familiar with Vietnamese Property Management
  • Responsible for Day to Day Engineering Operations & Maintenane of a Grade A Commercial Office Tower in HCMC.
  • Support Property Manager with establishment of Standard Operating and Emergency Response Practices for Operation and Maintenance of Property.


 1. Organization
  • Support identification of Manning & Resourcing Requirements for the orderly operation and maintenance of the Property.
  • Support recruitment and mobilization of a Property Management team.
  • Actively participate in training, motivate, mentor, enforce discipline and perform regular Service reviews for the orderly and efficient operation and maintenance of the Property.
  • Support competitive Tender, negotiate and engagement of 3rd Party Specialist Service Agents as appropriate to aid in the orderly and efficient operation and maintenance of the Property.


 2. Planning
  • Actively support preparation of the Property in readiness for Operations.
  • Liaise with 3rd Party Service Agents to prepare, review and implement Standard Operative & Emergency Response Practices, Management Plans for the orderly and efficient operation and maintenance of the Property.
  • Identify and support procurement of Tools and Consumables for maintenance of the Property.
  • Perform regular review of Property Management Documents and issue updates as appropriate.


 3. Reporting & Archiving
  • Monitor and manage Performance of 3rd Party Property Management Service Agents for Service Quality.
  • Prepare, agree and implement Service Improvement Action Plan with Service Agents in collaboration with Property Manager.
  • Prepare, present and where directed implement recommendations to improve the performance of the Property.
  • Support maintenance of Property Archives.
  • Maintain Tools & Consumables Stores in Good Order. Re-stock as necessary.
  • Monitor Energy Consumption & Prepare Energy Consumption Reports


 4. Operations
  • Manage the Day to Day Operation & Maintenance of the Property to safeguard its Occupants, Performance and Value.
  • Manage Engineering & 3rd Party Service Teams.
  • Perform Surveys to monitor the condition and operation of the Property.
  • Support development and operation of Property Management & Tenant Facing App’s to aid the orderly and efficient operation and maintenance of the Property.


 5. Engineering
  • Peer Review existing Design and Arrangements and make recommendation to the Property Manager for alterations / purchases for the orderly and efficient operation and maintenance of the Property.
  • Support review Technical Document Submissions (As Built Drawings / Tenant Fit Out Applications and such like as necessary to ensure the Property remains in Good Order.
  • Monitor Condition and Operation of Property. Ensure the Property is kept clean, secure and in good order.
  • Establish and implement efficient Preventative and Reactive maintenance programme for the orderly and efficient operation and maintenance of the Property.
  • Perform Engineering Works and take all practicable measures to minimize disruption to Property Operations and its Occupants.
  • Monitor and make recommendations, where appropriate, on improvements to the Property to protect Tenant Experience and Property Value.


 6. Relationship Management
  • Actively Support leasing and marketing activities to attract tenants to the Property
  • Establish & Maintain Good Relations with Tenants and 3rd Stakeholders i.e. Neighbourhood Representatives, Regulatory and Statutory Authorities, Ultility Providers and 3rd Party Service Agents to aid in the the orderly and efficient operation and maintenance of the Property.
  • Call, Chair, Lead and Minutes Meetings with Property Stakeholders as required.
  • Develop and Implement Initiatives to create attractive and inviting Public Spaces to elevate the Brand value of the Property.
  • Develop Programme to generate additional value/ enhancements to Tenant & Occupant experience.
  • Implement Processes to manage in a cordial and reasonable manner complaints, feedback.
 7. Commercial
  • Maintain Familiarity of Property Operating & Capital Expenditure Budgets & Cashflow Projections.
  • Support Maintenance and Control of Property Operations & Capital Expenditure Accounts


 8. Life Safety
  • Manage Life Safety and Security on the Property.
  • Regularly Inspect and Maintain Life Safety Equipment in Good Order.
  • Lead provision of Training, Equipment and performance of Drills as appropriate to Protect Persons and Property.
  • Lead PCCC Visits and Regular Life Safety Audits & Drills.
  • Establish and manage Emergency Response Team to respond to emergency incidents on Property.
  • Respond to Crisis/ Emergency incidents in an effective and orderly manner and conduct post incident investigations to identify actions to prevent further repetition.


 9. Handover
  • Actively participate in Building Contractor Handover Inspections.
  • Support Handover & Return of Tenancy Spaces from Tenants.
  • Monitor Tenant Fit Out Alteration Works to ensure Works being performed in an orderly and safe manner.
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