28 June 2022
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The Senior MEPF Engineer  will be based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to act as part of the Owner’s in-house corporate team to administer, review and facilitate action on design and construction documents to ensure compliance with programs and policies of the Project Department as well as applicable land development / building standards and government regulations to protect and advance the company’s standards and aspirations.  Ensure that technical design processes and documents support the requirements of the Design Brief and all permitting requirements. Support the Project team with the prime objective that projects are built on time, within budget and to high standards.

Currently, Refico is the development manager for The Nexus, a 113,400m2 Office Building Grade A project in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City.  The MEPF Engineer  will join this project team and is responsible for coordinating with the Architectural and Civil-Structural Technical Coordinators, so that the actions of the three technical coordinators are completely coordinated and fulfilled in the required timeframes


  1. Review high level deliverables across the different facets and phases of the project. Implement review and quality assurance procedures consistent with Vietnamese and international methodologies to ensure successful execution of technical design documents and permits, with emphasis on guarding against errors and omissions, as well as, verifying constructability in the local market. If and as necessary, coordinate with the Project Manager to interrogate local contracting, supplier, material and consultancy resources.
  2. Notwithstanding the simultaneous review of shop drawings and submittals as required of the Contractor, Site Supervisor and Construction Manager, perform review within required fast-paced time periods as the Owner’s agent. Coordinate the Owner’s review of all shop drawings & submittals with associate team members, as well as, applicable investor representatives, if required. Assist the Project Document Controller in ensuring all shop drawings and submittals are recorded and acted on in the required timeframes.
  3. Coordinate and prepare MEPF design appendices to purchase orders for items which the Owner may elect to directly purchase.
  4. Assist the Senior Architect / Technical Design Coordinator in collection, creation and delivery to the Project Director of MEPF materials and photographs necessary to prepare the monthly status report as well as other reports.
  5. Assist the Project Manager and Design Manager in the preparation for, the engagement and the follow-up on activities related the MEPF works of the Projects


1. University Degree or advanced Technical Degree in Electricity background/knowledge is preferred.

2. Clean record with respect to zero tolerant polices related to corruption, theft and substance abuse.

3. Good Knowledge (Reading, Writing, Speaking) in English.

4. Grade A Licence for Electrical Supervision Works on Commercial & Residential Developments.

5. Experience 7+ years in Construction Industry.

6. Experience of Luxury Residential & Commercial Developments in Vietnam.

7. Experience of working with Reputable Principal, MEP Contractor or Construction Supervisor in Vietnam

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